TPD Insurance - Underground Miners


TPD Insurance - Underground Miners

Total and Permanent Disability insurance, commonly known simply as TPD insurance, will pay you a lump sum amount in the event that you suffer an injury or illness serious enough that you are left unable to work ever again.
The funds from your TPD insurance payout can be used to cover lost income, repay mortgage and other debts, and provide a financial buffer during what will generally be a very difficult and stressful time.

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Life can be hazardous enough on its own, but being an underground miner can definitely have its challenges.

What if you suffered a serious injury or illness that left you totally and permanently disabled? TPD insurance will pay you a lump sum amount if a medical doctor believes that you are unlikely to ever return to work again.

How much TPD insurance do you need?

The amount of cover required will really depend on your own unique set of circumstances, as well as your needs and objectives.
Some people wish to have enough TPD insurance to replace their full income, repay all of their debts and provide an addition lump sum to cover any medical and rehabilitation costs.
Other people, particularly those with smaller insurance budgets, will simply require a modest amount to provide a financial buffer to reduce debts and cover any short term expenses.

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How to get TPD insurance

Due to the nature of underground mining there are only a small number of insurers who offer TPD insurance to underground miners.
Although the number of TPD insurance policies available to underground miners is limited, here at Underground Insurance we know the industry well and we know which insurers offer the best value cover for the different roles within the mine.

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